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                          **  Wines of Castelló & Peñiscola Castle  **  

Peñiscola historic city and castle wine tour                                                                 Baron_alb_visitas-gastronomias.jpg                                                                                            Baron_Alb_vinos.jpg

Historically during Roman times  Castellon (Castelló)  possessed  much larger vineyard areas producing wines from varieties such as Moscatel de Alejandria & Mourvèdre, a viticulture which continued for centuries until the arrival of philoxera. Later uprooting of hybrid vines combined with restrictive legislation favouring citrus agriculture further reduced viticulture. With a resurgence of winemaking in Castelló under the "Vino de la Tierra de Castellon", older vineyards are being recovered and traditions brought back to life with both native Spanish & plantings of French varietals.

IGT Castellon bodega wine tour

 We propose a Full day visit to the interior of Castelló visiting two  rural vineyards tasting a range of  red & white wines reflecting terroir & originality. Pertaining to unique, organically farmed & almost completely natural forms of winemaking it is a far cry from more developed viticultural regions.  Wines have low suphites, little or zero filtration with an honest, minimalist approach without artificial adjustments. The landscape is rich with olive and almond trees with a sense of being wild and somewhat isolated from modern life.  Indeed our vineyards also grow olives, almonds and make olive oil  on a small artisan basis. Some olive trees date back 800yrs. 


  Our vineyard experience includes maridaje of local cured charcouteria & cheese with wines plus lunch at a rustic masia nr the vineyard or in Peñiscola . Then to explore the Castle of Pope Luna & the walled historic city of Peñiscola. The Templars castle (1294-1307),  one of the best-preserved medieval fortresses of Castelló ..former home of  Pope Benedict XIII  (Pope Luna). The "Knights Templar" built this Romanesque work on the remains of the old Arab Citadel and is similiar in style to others in the Holy Land & Catalonia. The castle was used as the set for "Game of Thrones" 2015 &  film  "El Cid " 1961 featuring Charlton Heston.

 Walking  the cobbTemplars Castle of Peñiscola tour led streets that weave the city is like  travelling back in time and immersing oneself in the Middle Ages. Phoenicians, Greeks followed by Carthaginians, Romans & Arabs sailed the prosperous Mediterranean  to this advantageous location... being an impregnable fortress with kind climate & provision of fresh water from springs under the citadel. The monuments & historic artifacts are numerous to detail here & include Templars Castle, 3 Fortress entrances heraldic escudos, Artillery Depot (now botanic garden), Plaza de Armas, Virgin de la Ermitana church, parish church, Lighthouse ca. 1892, Martime Museum and more..   

Views from the castle & higher elevations of the city are spectacular with mountain backdrop of  Natural Parks Els Ports, Tinença de Benifassà & coast. The fishing port has daily a fish market supplying the area. We also make a refreshment afternoon stop overlooking the bay.              

The few photos here show a little about the day...a worthy trip for wine, history and exploring the Mediterranean.                                                      

 Winery old house interior  Cabernet Sauvignon vines & winery ermita Castellon IGT wine tour Peñiscola castle entrance ramp - Game of Thrones film set

     Vineyards, olives and almonds winery tour ValenciaArtillary_depotlighthouse                                                                                                                                                                                Templar Knight costume courtesy Marialuisa Wittlin                                                                                                                                                                   

  Itinerary:   - Pick-up hotel Valencia city 0845hrs / Returning at Valencia  approx. 1930hrs,                                   or earlier on request.

                      - Fully guided two Organic vineyard visits/tastings & maridaje charcouteria                                     & cheese

                      -  Lunch at masia restaurant nr vineyard or in Peñiscola

                      -  Peñiscola historic city walkabout exploring inc. entrance fees to Pope Luna Castle &

                         Botanic gardens.                                 

                      -  Afternoon refreshment (cerveza/wine ) in Peñiscola.

                      -  Maritime Museum optional if desired.


Duration:       9-11hrs variable as you wish

    Price:             From  Euro 230 p/p  variable with number people pls enquire
                                        (Discount for large group or joining group)
    Includes transport, guided vineyard visits, 8-10 tastings, lunch with wine, afternoon refreshment, Peñiscola castle &     botanic gardens fees, Maritime Museum .

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Peñiscola Templars castle staircase to wine hall, tour and wineries

  IGT Castellon bodegas wine tour plus Peñiscola Castle                                                 Some snap shots of the days scenery ...

  Emitana_and_Castle.jpg plaza_armas_castillo.jpg


Peñiscola church tower view of beach