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Valencian Cellar Tours                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


irish_flag_waving_animated.gif Valencian Cellars idea...

Valencian Cellar Tours, based in Valencia "the city of light", was formed in 2008 by Toni Martin.


The idea was to share the experience of visiting vineyards, soak up the ambiance of the vineyard landscape & old towns and of course the "taste discovery" of new wines!

vineyards of Spain, France & Italy The bodegas are small, boutique, characterful wineries focusing on quality not quantity, all this pampering being evident in the glass!  The area maintains an authentic old Spanish character & still is relatively hidden from the tourist trail! 

 Toni is originally from Ireland not far from St. Patrick's resting place and although the family worked in Guinness Toni had a taste for wine, He has lived in Valencia for some years, exploring the vineyards and old towns, meeting the the growers and of course sampling the many varied wines. "Wine has always been a passion, looking forward to my pilgrimages to the vineyards of Spain, France & Italy", comments Toni.  As a member of the Asociacion de Sumilleres in Valencia & Wine Tasting Panel of  Verema, regularly tastes many wines on the market from all over Spain & attends various Regional and International wine fairs/presentations during the year. He holds the WSET  Advanced Certificate in Wines & Spirits awarded in London, Sommelier Intern. and various other certificates in wine/food inc. Sumiller Vinos de Jerez, Barista Master Class Esp., El Arte Cortar Jamon Certificado..... Toni loves Spain & it´s wines, cuisine & culture.


Having  travelled the province extensively and being a keen road cyclist, he knows the roadmap often better than locals !   The guitar has been part of Toni´s life since 11 years old originally learning  classical and later involved with various rock bands in Ireland. 

* Yes, of course there are other tour alternatives.. but  I personally give the maximium attention, detail and convey as much passion with an educational content to the visit to make it a very worthwhile vineyard experience. It is more than just tasting wines can do that any time.. I make it a more rewarding and memorable part of your visit to Spain.   Sometimes the original is the best a pint of real Guinness.. brewed in Dublin and not under license...although I am proud of my own beers made with  Irish grain  recipes myself.

We aim to make your stay in Valencia interesting, learn a little more about wine & Cava, but above all that you enjoy yourself .

Toni Martin & team,





Maria de Luna - Iglesia San Martin


December 13, 2017