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Artisan goats cheese

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               ** Artisan Cheese visit  plus Winery/wine tastings 1/2 or Full Day**       

 For 2023 we can now offer a visit to an artisan cheese maker near Requena! 

A hands on cheese making experience, crafting a fresh goats milk cheese,  followed by tasting a selection of fresh, semi & cured cheeses with a local wine after the workshop (1.5hr) Tues-Sat.  You will learn the cheesemaking process step by step and enable you to make your  own home-made fresh cheese. Alternatively if this seems like hard work, you can simply enjoy a tasting of the range of cheeses and appreciate  local craft produce. (50mins)  Tue-Fri .  Cheeses are available to purchase at the queseria!  More fotos below!

Artisan Cheese Making

The queseria has it´s own 1300 Murciana-Granadina goats with high quality milk yields and a balanced diet for this semi-rustic goat variety.

Following a protocol of quality  equipment and herd are controlled & certified in all parameters of higiene.  

*We plan to make a winery visit with wine tastings before or after the cheese visit  (dependant  availability/timing at queseria) in a 1/2 Day Tour format returning to Valencia 1400-1430hrs for Valencian lunchtime.   OR    You may extend the tour to Full Day inc. 3cse lunch with afternoon winery visits/tastings.  

Curing artisan cheese cave

D.O Utiel-Requena is the largest, highest (600-900m)  & the furthest inland of the Valencian D.O´s possessing great growing conditions. It´s the rising star of the Valencian wine regions collecting more than 250 international awards in 2019. Good vintages & talented vintners have brought the Utiel-Requena region into a new era. You will encounter dry herbal rosés, rich whites tinged with subtle toast of new oak, well structured red wines..notably the unique old Bobal vines ...complimented by noble grapes like Syrah & Garnacha. Not forgetting fresh Cavas focusing on chardonney as Requena pertains to DO Cava.

Artisan Cheese Making

  We visit smaller wine producers for this tour with mainly hand harvested grapes, natural yeast fermented wines of organic or lutte raisonée practices. We will visit the old vines 70-100+ years and appreciate their endurance, providing such honest & uniquely variable wines from one plot to another, taste our own first vintage Bobal in the vineyard. During the 1/2 Day Cheese & Winery tour  you will taste 4-6 wines - red, white & rosado -  complimented with local charcouteria .. these tours being an appreciation for wine & good food... educational but good fun with interesting facts from grape to bottle.

I value your time and custom and  promise you  a great day in DO Utiel-Requena.

  Centenary Bobal vines Requena  Old Bobal bush vines S.Antonio Martan Bobal 2022 tasting  1

Prices:       From  Euro 135 p/p  variable with number people      (Discount large groups)                                                                                                                 


- Pickup at hotel by Mercedes in Valencia 0900hrs. 

- Requena cheese workshop with guided hands on cheese making, cata/tasting de quesos with wine, 1.5hr duration.                                       

Requena vineyard with Bobal  old vines

- Requena winery/vineyard visit and tastings 4-5 wines with local charcouteria .

- Return to Valencia for arrival 1430**  ( lunch not included ) .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

- Duration:    5 + hours.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

** On Full day option we shall proceed to Requena for 3cse lunch/wine & afternoon winery visit/tastings.                                                               

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 Queso curado tasting   Meseta Utiel-Requena  Toni with Reserva wines in barrel

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