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             ** Requena Winery  1/2 Day **      option 1 or 2 wineries 

Come with me and discover the wines of Valencia´s "terroir" visiting a leading organic wine estate.

D.O Utiel-Requena is the largest, highest (600-900m)  & the furthest inland of the Valencian D.O´s possessing great growing conditions.
It´s the rising star of the Valencian wine regions collecting more than 250 international awards in 2019. Good vintages & talented vintners have brought Utiel-Requena into a new era!

Bobal 2022 wine racking after fermentation

Bobal hand harvest near Requena

 The main grape is the autoctono Bobal red variety.. somewhat abandoned here a long time ago, providing identity and signature wines of structure &  young, fresher styles.

 The many old Bobal bush vines en secano (without irrigation)  give uniqueness to the landscape: withstanding seasons..seemingly immortal to the passing of time.  You will also encounter dry herbal rosé, lively Cava focusing on chardonney, rich whites tinged with subtle toast of new oak & red wines from noble grapes like Tempranillo, Garnacha, Syrah etc. complimenting  Bobal as a single variety or coupage.

 These wines now compete with more well known Spanish  names and often outshine their competition ! 

  We start in the vines looking at the viticulture techniques, differences like hand vs machine harvesting etc. and concept of terroir. Then a fully guided visit of the winery explaining how they make their wine and Cava (the Spanish Champan) ....more of a mini 101 wine education with interesting facts from grape to bottle.

100 year old bobal vines.jpg

Texas family wine tasting  We explain each stage from grape selection, destemming or whole bunchs, fermentation & the various techniques of making the wines.You will learn more about barrel aging and perhaps try a barrel sample.


Down to the Cava cellar & gain a real insight into the may be lucky to witness degorge and final corking take place.

Explaining Cava


 Now time to taste a selection of the best wines & Cava of the property, complimented with local cured cheese, charcouteria and also taste the estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Wines may be purchased at fair prices directly from cellar. *Although we have just outlined the visit here it is not a typical wine tour and I believe this is a unique experience....even for a seasoned wine buff.                                                

   Taking a panoramic scenic drive through wine countryside we make a short trip to Requena historic town with a stop at a local artisan shop (cured sausages, honey,pottery etc). Requena has it´s own DOP for embutido with own recipes like "chorizo marinated in Cava" or "salchichon & walnuts"... local delicatessen at great prices. 

Tasting wines on Requena wine tour  Utiel-Requena with almost 40,000 hectares in vines is 2nd  Utiel vineyard_and_masia_
largest producer of wine in Spain. Requena is located 70km from Valencia city.

Well connected by autovia it´s a journey of just under an hour from Valencia.

 We offer trips for small groups from Valencia. Tours are guided by myself  Toni & the winery in English, so you are assured of  a good understanding of wine & historical knowledge of the region  in air-con comfortable transport..

 Pago winery tour clients from USAA9a.gif

 Church Santa Maria Requena 14thc door carving
Requena is a town rich in history and culture with a tradition of winemaking dating from Phoenician times.

 The gastronomy is famous for strong, hearty dishes & its artisan cured sausages, largely prepared by hand using natural ingredients. Amongst the popular fiestas praising these products, the "Fiesta de la Vendimia" & the "Feria del Embutido"  (Sausage Fair) are important social events for local Valencians. 


Artisan embutido sausages in Requena



Prices:   Euro 135 p/p  based on 2 pers. attending a Pago estate winery  (2+hrs)                      with min. 5 wines tasted inc. Cava Rsva.

               Euro 165 p/p based on 2 pers. a large Pago estate winery (2+hrs)  plus a                    boutique winery (1+hr)   with  9-10 wines tasted inc. Cava Rsva.

                Price variable depending on no. pers. attending . Discount larger groups.



- Pickup at hotel by Mercedes in Valencia 0845hrs (possible pm visit 1200hrs by arrangement).                                                                                

- Requena fully guided organic winery,vineyards visit & Premium tastings min. 5 wines/maridaje local cheese & charcouteria snacks.    

  Choose to add on a 2nd shorter winery visit (1+hr visit Premium cata 4-5 wines + maridajé) .                                        

-Short visit to historic Requena with stop at artisan cured sausage/local produce shop & Moors cave, subject  opening times.    

Requena chateau with winter vines

- Return to Valencia for arrival approx. 1430hrs or 1530hrs if 2 wineries visited.      (lunch not included).

Duration:   4.5 -6 hours.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Browsing bodega shop wine in Requena                                                                                                


Please ask for availability and tour options/prices as can be tailor made for you.                                                                                                       

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 French barrels  Vera de Estenas estate Wine tasting at Mustiguillo

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