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    Valencian Cellar Tours 




**Wine of Valencia / Sagunto Castle-Roman Theatre**  plus El Puig Monastery & much more.


 An exciting journey to the past exploring the Roman fortress of Saguntum,  the Roman Theater & elements of Islamic-medieval Valencia. The tour combines impressive historic sites with a Romanic themed Wine tasting + Maridaje Brunch or Full 3 cse Lunch options at the foot of the amphitheatre. Wines from autoctono varieties  Monastrell, Garnacha and Moscatel were historically important from Camp de Mourvedre and our tasting represents these wines in various styles. Sadly the comarca fell from it´s Roman viticultural glory to a registered 100hct in 1975; mainly Moscatel & only 1hct of Mourvedre. The 1912 invasion of filoxera killed 90% of the vines and in 1932, legislation changing agriculture ended the reign of vineyards in Campo de Sagunto....ironically then forming part of DO Valencia. We pay homage to to the Romans and the wines they exported to Rome.

 Sagunto Castle dates back to 5thC BC when the wealthy Iberian town of Arse was built. Conquered by Carthagenian Gen. Hannibal in 219 BC after an 8 month siege, it was  reconquered by Roman Castillo SaguntoPublio Cornelio Escipión (213-212 BC) and Arse became Saguntum. Thus comencing a period of Hispano-Roman splendor under protection of Rome with civil & religious constructions. Monuments preserved include the Forum, Theatre, Puerta del Circo, Templo de Diana, remains of  Roman bridge (Via Agustus), Plaza Romana, Roman road (Via Pòrtic) & Villa Romana

 During the Islamic domination (8thC) the city was called "Murbyter" and from this period the 11thC Castle is well preserved. After the Christian conquest by Jaime I in 1237, the city was renamed "Murviedro" or "Morvedre". Preserved from this era are the porticoed Plaza Mayor, Juderia, El Almudin granary, Palacial noblemens homes, Iglesia del Salvador 13thC & Santa Maria 14thC - located on the original mosque site. 

Since ancient times Sagunto has been visited by the Greeks, Phoenicians & Tartars whose viticultural practices propagated throughout the region and across the mediterranean.monestir_8665_1.jpg

El Puig Monastery


The Tour 

Our tour comences at El Puig Monastery..founded by King Jaime I "The Conquerer" in 1240 and it´s historical relevance is due to definitive confrontation of Valencia, the Battle of El Puig 1237. A church was completed by 1240 and affiliated with the Mercedarian order. Soon the church was insufficient for the flood of pilgrims seeking favors from the patroness of the Kingdom of Valencia, and in 1300, the present gothic church was built. In 1588 the imposing monastery was built and we visit the cloisters; the Salón Real, still used by monarchs on their visits to Valencia; the Salón Gótico of Jaume I with a replica of King Jaime´s sword and  Salón of Ceramics. Also of importance is The National Museum of Printing & Graphic works inc. collection 18thC Escuela Valenciana - highlights inc. Frescos of  Camarin de la Virgin.

Our visit is at 1000hr. approx. 1hr. duration in English,Spanish,Valenciano,Italian & German  ( NB. We may be part of another group as cannot be a closed private tour of Monastery).Frescos El Puig Monastery 

We then make a short café stop, try a Valencian Moscatel de Alejandria aged wine or flambé coffee with  pastry or montadito before leaving El Puig to Sagunto. Wine or other beverage &  tapeo snack included.

Arriving at Sagunto we visit many of the Roman antiquities listed above; the Castle with Forum, Almenara Gate, Military History Museum, South Gate of Roman Circus, the colossal amphitheatre I AD seating 4000 people being among the most impressive. As we weave our way through the old streets we view buildings and relics from the Islamic & medieval period such as the Church of Santa Maria constructed by Jaime I, the Jewish quarter, baths & burial cemetery, "Ermitas"  La Sangre, Magdelena & Calvary, Sagunto History Museum, Casa del Berenguer noble home & Plaza Mayor elements...passing interesting local art and craft shops on our accent to the castle. The order of our route varies. 

Teatro_Romano_3_RED.pngTeatro Romano view


 Themed Roman wine tasting

Tasting local white wine on terrace



 * Our wine tasting  takes place opposite the Teatro Romano at Restaurante "Le Fou" at 1315hrs approx. consisting of 5 select wines inc. Vintage 1975 Fondillon with *maridajé 4 tapas or 3 course lunch options.  Depending on weather, we may be in the garden terrace with Roman Fountain or in the comfortable salon with castle view. Later we then will descend to the town to view the remaining Roman monuments...thereafter returning to Valencia for approx. 1630hrs depending on seasonal monument opening hrs. The tour is flexible with omission of some monuments & return to Valencia earlier as you request. 

The Wine Tasting Express (inc. charcouteria, cheese & pan)  is available  Tues-Sat &  Maridajé brunch or 3 Course Lunch        option is  available Thur-Sat, pricing below. 


Itinerary -

   *Pickup at hotel at 0915hrs with tour of El Puig Monastery  1hr duration followed by café stop with Moscatel aged wine/              flambé café/other refreshment with tapeo included. 

   *Historic guided visit of  Sagunto, viewing the most emblematic buildings & artifacts of the city, inc. Museum, Castle,                   Amphitheatre entrance fees.  

   *Wine tasting 5 wines (express inc. charcouteria/queso/pan) or with Maridajé tapas brunch or 3 cse Lunch options.

Walking the ramp to Castle gate

   *Optional view remaining Roman artifacts & return to Valencia 1630hrs-                1730hrs depending on museum opening times. 

     We can return to Valencia after the tasting/brunch on your request if you              prefer a shorter day !                                           


This tour includes walking up & down from the castle to town with some         rugged surfaces inside the castle ruins. Walking shoes or trainers are a good        idea and is not wholly suitable for disabled access.  

Duration -     5+ hrs flexible return to Valencia after wine tasting/brunch/lunch or see more sites ( 6+hrs)                                                                                                   

Transport -  Private tour by Mercedes 

Lion at Roman_fountain

Prices -                                                                    

 Wine Tasting Express option -  Tues- Sat 

   *Euro 125  p/p  based on 2 pers. 

   *Euro 110  p/p  based on 3-5 pers.     

   *Euro  99    p/p  based on 6-8 pers.                          

 Wine Tasting + 4 Maridajé tapa option - Thur-Sat

   **Euro 145 p/p based on 2 pers.                                                                                                                  

Plaza Mayor Sagunto

   **Euro 130 p/p based on 3-5 pers.    

    **Euro 120 p/p based on 6-8 pers.

  Wine Tasting  +  3 Course Lunch option - Thur-Sat

  **Euro 155  p/p based on 2 pers. 

  **Euro 139  p/p based on 3-5pers.                                                                                                                                                                                           

  **Euro 129  p/p based on 6-8 pers.


* Please enquire with larger groups for  discount rate and availability. 

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   Monastery El Puig by night   El Puig Monastery interior hall                                                                                                                    

Monastrell wine tasting at Le Fou

Royal Monastery El Puig