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 ** Wine & Food Personal Shopper Taste Tour ** 


  Visiting Valencia for a short time can be daunting if you are short of time, especially on a cruise stop !

You may really like to visit the food markets, browse a specialist wine shop with a  spectacular stock of Spanish wine from all the D.O´s of Spain, not just a handful of the usual export names. You´ll probably be surprised at the prices too! Guidance with wine styles, taste profiles maybe useful,  jamon and cheese - Manchego & Iberian ham, yes their the famous ones but there are so many other great cheeses, hams & delicatessen here in Spain as almost every region has it´s own signature DOP produce. You might like to try the finest organic DOP "Horchata" from Valencia - the typical Valencian, milky drink served chilled  made from "chufas" - tiger nuts. It´s a drink dating back to the Moors (non-alcoholic) to quench the thirst in  hot summer months with the chufas grown in the Alboraya area. You could sample some authentic Paella Valenciana made with local bomba rice or sweet pastries, coffee & fine hand made chocolates from the province. Even by my Irish standards these chocolates are some of the best I have tasted .... not to mention the ice-cream selection. 

If this gourmet idea appeals to you and you´d rather not just walk around aimlessly with your map on a mission  then we can be your personal food and wine guide for a few hours in the city centre with emphasis on sampling  quality local fare. It´s a  chance to savour or take  home Valencia´s  wines & produce as everyone appreciates a gift they can drink or eat!    Vino-y-queso                                                          

 We will escort you as a personal guide with a variable itinerary of suggested places at your pace for 2-3 hrs. It´s your call on where we visit and what you choose to sample, be it fine coffee with chocolates, Organic Horchata or choosing Chorizo/Jamon or an informed visit to a Spanish wine cellar ! We can make it easy for you !   

Price is dependant of number of persons and the time you wish to spend  but average  Euro30 p/p 2hrs duration. Food and beverage are not included with our Personal Shopper Service but you will be sure not to pay tourist prices. Ask for a quote  .

We shall do our best to help you locate, select and sample food, wine and gifts during your adventure in Valencia. 


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