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Events comment -  2018  Verona - Vinitaly 

A very interesting yearly wine fair for professionals with all of Italy represented over many halls and certainly too many to taste in one month never mind 3 days . Not only wine but also the Enolitech area with viticultural and enologia equipment well represented from barrels to destemmers and high tech filtration, crystal ware and everything related to wine making.

I start out with my favourite halls like north Italy, Soave presenting a fine show of their best wines then on to the Veneto, Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige, Piedmonte emila Romagna and so on... until ones palate is exahusted. Theres´s also a wonderful range of good quality Italian dishes available at lunchtime to  help mop up some of the alcohol. I aways think these fairs are a marathon against your tastebud awareness and undoubtedly it´s best to call it day when you reach that point. Take the bus to Verona and enjoy the city with a gelato. I stay on the lakes to give variety to the trip and really enjoy the scenery of Garda. It´s also a little bit more economical than the city hotels. IMG_20180415_123702.jpgIMG_20180416_142719.jpgIMG_20180415_141344.jpg

I had appointments already planned for 2018 as if not you can find it daunting where and what to taste´s overwhelming the bodegas present although not all are open to tastings without a prior cita. I had appointmenta for many some of whom were Ca´laBionda, La Tunella, Tenuta Santa Maria, Umani Ronchi, Tommasi, Lento, Villa Mosconi Bertani, Nicolis, Zenato, Alois Lageder, Haderburg, Wine Generations just to name a few .

The Doctor Wine tasting was also a great idea to taste a range of various DOC/DOCG wines of prestige in one tasting salon on a self service basis..I ran out of time there and had to run for the train. The Vivit area presents wine from all over the world who wish to express their transparency, authenticity and individuality with their wines..again a very large selection of vineyards on over and too many for me to taste in short a short time ...but a worthy salon. IMG_20180415_170647.jpg09042014496.jpg08042014488.jpg

 I look forward to a possible visit in 2019 and discover more the fantastic wines of Italy ..a Jurassic Park for grape varieties and  pleasure from the diverse regions.